Ideas about wealth;

I want to know your feelings.

Abundance is what?


This is a senryu (a non-seasonal haiku). In Japanese the syllables count 5-7-5 and I like the game to keep it the same in English.

Week 6 of The Artist’s Way: Recovering a Sense of Abundance. One major creative block to tango with is our feelings about money. How is it that we never seem to have enough? What do you have enough of?

And how is it that the Japanese can express such richness with limited resources (of a haiku or senryu of 5-7-5 syllables) when it takes most people a thousand words to paint a picture? Let’s explore the abundance of SENRYU

S. Sense of abundance.

Look around and look at all the treasures you have. Make a list if need be.

E. Energy in motion.

“All substance is energy in motion. It lives and flows. Money is symbolically a golden flowing stream of concretized vital energy.”–The Magical Work of the Soul

N. “No” 123 times.

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, tells that he was turned down by 123 publishers before the 124 published his best selling book. Can you imagine the faith he had to pursue his passion and what faith he had that his creation was not just good, but deserving of rewards? Can you imagine being told no 123 times and still keep knocking?

R. Right things will bring money.

Mike Phillips says, “Money will come along when you are doing the right thing.”
How is it that so many wanna be actors and musicians think they will be doomed to a life of bartending or low-paying jobs. That an artist must live in squalor? If all creativity comes from the ultimate creator, would that creator want us to create in miserable conditions? Trust and believe that the money will flow if you are pursuing your passions.

Y. yruxuL.

So, it seems a little backwards, but yruxuL is key to our creativity and feeling the flow of wealth.  Before we can feel the feelings of wealth, allowing ourselves the LUXURY of little things or big things reminds us of true joy. I’m not just talking about BMWs. I’m talking about the luxury of buying a CD because music inspires us–sometimes we deny ourselves these little luxuries which will prompt us into creation again. My friend Shasta gave herself the luxury of paints for study breaks when she was a university student. Now she yearns to get creative when she looks at them on her shelves. Allow yourself an allowance like when you were a kid.

U. Upload your images.

What images do you want to hold in your head of abundance. Visualize those. Search through Google images or flicker or draw or take photos of what you would rather be thinking about abundance flowing. Now upload those to your mind.

It doesn’t take a lot of words to feel a sense of abundance and to create more. It only takes little bits, or 5-7-5 syllables of a SENRYU to get the river of abundance flowing.

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Traveling when I want to
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What is it to you?  Please leave a comment in senryu or regular fashion.